GENEO PHZ (certified for passive house)

GENEO PHZ (passivhauszertifiziert = certified for passive house) window profile system is the next generation of GENEO. Thanks to the introduction of thermal modules into profiles and special sealing, GENEO PHZ becomes a certified window solution for the passive house.

In addition, the profiles retain all the benefits of GENEO - despite the extremely high requirements for thermal insulation.


  • Construction width: 86 mm / 6 chamber system
  • Thermal insulation: Uf up to 0,79 W/m²K
  • The best possible level of sound insulation without steel reinforcement, achieving previously unattainable values (glass 50 dB = Rw,P 47 dB) for sound insulation class 5 – and including optimal thermal insulation.
  • Break-in protection up to resistance class 3. 
    Without steel reinforcement, resistance class 2 – including optimal thermal insulation.
  • High levels of investment security by meeting current and foreseeable EnEV standards1), 
    thus ensuring long-term value for your property.
  • Air permeability: class 4 (LVS EN 12207)
  • Water tightness: class 9A (LVS EN 12208)
GENEO Phz for pasive house